Terms and Conditions of Use for DenverNC.com

 Terms and Conditions of Use of DenverNC.com

Copyright Protection

We spend a great deal of time and resources researching material, writing articles and creating images for the DenverNC.com web site. We're proud of our work and we're happy to share it. However, like most people, we don't like it when others take credit for work we've done. The contents of the DenverNC.com web site are protected by copyrights. This means that our original work and derivative works that are created based on our original work cannot be used without the permission of the owners of the DenverNC.com web site.

The flexibility and power of the Internet can sometimes cause confusion over what actually constitutes "using" material protected by copyrights. If you copy or reproduce material into a printed publication, audio recording, web site, video recording, software program or any other means of storing or displaying the material without permission, you are infringing on our copyrights. If you link directly to images or pages on the DenverNC.com web site in such a way as to intentionally or unintentionally give the impression that you are the creator of our work this is a violation of our copyrights. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of html frames and links that do not clearly indicate to the user that they will be accessing the DenverNC.com web site.

Using Material from the DenverNC.com Web Site

Good News, our work can be used free of charge with permission! We are very happy to give you permission to use our work as long as (a) you do not sell or charge for our work, (b) you give credit to the author and (c) you protect its use by complying with the following stipulations:

[1] Credit must be given to the author of the text or creator of the graphic image by referencing the author's name if it is given and the DenverNC.com web site by URL (http://www.denvernc.com) on the same document that the work is reproduced.

[2] The statement "Used with Permission" must appear with the text or graphic image on the same document this work is reproduced.

[3] The copyright statement must appear with the text or graphic image on the same document this work is reproduced.

[4] If the text or graphic image is being used on a web page an active link to http://www.denvernc.com must appear with the work on the same web page this work is reproduced.

[5] Written text or graphic images from the DenverNC.com web site may not be modified or altered in any way. (If you want to add your own comments you may include them in parenthesis with a note that establishes that the comments are yours and not those of the original author.) You may, however, use or quote portions of text from the DenverNC.com web site providing that for each portion of text you credit the source much like you would do if you were writing a term paper for school.

Please use the following example format to comply with the above stipulations:

Written by: David A. Rohr for http://www.DenverNC.com
Used with Permission
Copyright 1999 - 2005 DenverNC.com

If you comply with the above listed conditions and stipulations you have permission to use any of our work from the DenverNC.com web site. It is not necessary to contact us but we would love to hear from you and would appreciate knowing when and where our work is being used.

Linking to DenverNC.com

You are very welcome, and encouraged, to link to any page you like in the DenverNC.com web site provided that you do so in a way that does not mislead others to believe that this page is a part of your web site or without making it clear to your visitors that they will be going to the DenverNC.com web site.

Prohibited Use of the DenverNC.com URL

Use of the DenverNC.com URL for "spamming" mailing lists or guest books is prohibited. Sending email or posting messages in such a way as to give the impression that the email or posting was sent by DenverNC.com is a violation of recently enacted Internet law and will be prosecuted.

DenverNC.com Privacy Policy

DenverNC.com will not sell or give away any email addresses or personal information that you may provide to us unless directed to by you or required by law.

Liability for Use of Material on DenverNC.com

While we make every effort to assure the validity and accuracy of all material published on the DenverNC.com web site your use of the material is at your own risk. DenverNC.com, it's owners, agents, contributors, sponsors, advertisers or affiliates are not liable for any damages that may arise out of the use of material published on the DenverNC.com web site or information contained in email communications that you receive from DenverNC.com.


Your use of the DenverNC.com web site indicates your understanding and agreement with these "Terms and Conditions of Use of DenverNC.com"



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